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Proper Mowing Heights for Popular Grass Varieties

Cutting your grass at the proper height will help you get a lush healthy lawn that looks good and tolerates adverse conditions well. In order for your grass to be at its best, it needs sufficient leaf surface. Cutting the grass too short takes energy away from root growth and development in order to repair the blade. Recommended cutting heights for some of the most popular grass types:


You should cut your lawn on the short end of the scale during the spring and fall. You should raise your cutting deck to the high end of the scale for the summer. Leaving your grass long in the summer has many benefits including a deeper root system, increased ground cover to help keep the soil moist, the increased ground coverage also helps prevent weeds from gaining a foot hold.

The proper time to mow is best determined by the desired height vs the current height the grass. A good rule of thumb is the 1/3 rule. Click here for more information on the one third rule.